Sage has been used by herbalists for centuries because it supports the body in numerous ways:​


💚Reduce Swelling and inflammation

💚Boost memory in young adults

💚Help relieve symptoms in Alzheimer’s patients

💚Decrease hot flashes and menopausal symptoms


Zing Meals added this awesome herb to our newest menu item, Butternut Squash Bowl with Sage Seasoned Vegetables and Cannellini Beans! If you missed ordering this week, enjoy it with your meals on 2/13!


Savory Butternut Squash Bowl with Sage Seasoned Vegetables


The Zing Meals Story

The co-founders of Zing Meals (“Zingers”), are self-proclaimed ‘foodies’ and fitness fanatics who want to make healthy food easy. Carrying a strong passion for cooking, working out, travelling and socializing with friends and family, the Zingers appreciate food is an integral part of life – and should be prepared, savored and enjoyed with love. Zing Meals understands people want nutritious and delicious meals for themselves and their families, but they don’t always have time to make it happen. Thus, the Zing vision was created: Gourmet, Healthy Prepared Meals – Delivered to Your Door. Zing Meals currently delivers in Summit, Chatham, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights and New Providence and has pick-up available in Millburn and New Providence.


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