3 Powerful Reasons to Eat Kaniwa


There’s a new superfood on the block:  whole grain Kaniwa (sometimes spelled “canihua”).  This South American seed should be on your list to try with your next meal, so you can reap – and enjoy – the benefits for yourself.

Wait:  sometimes it feels like there are more superfoods than super heroes nowadays . . .

What’s so super about this superfood?

What makes it so wonderful?


Packed with Nutrition

Kaniwa is one of the healthiest grains you can add to your plate.  It is a good source of vitamins and several essential minerals including iron.  This food is super-packed full of protein and essential amino acids such as lysine (yes, a grain with a lot of protein!) – even more than it’s distant cousin, quinoa.  And, yet, it is a great source of fiber, almost a third of the recommended daily amount per 100 grams.

Do you want more anti-oxidants?  This grain is wonderfully high in flavonoids, specifically isorhamnetin and quercetin.  Flavonoids are powerful anti-oxidants with immune system and anti-inflammatory benefits.



Move over whole-grain wheat with all your gluten and potential gastrointestinal problems in certain people.  Substitute Kaniwa for whole wheat in your diet, and you may strengthen your health and reduce your body’s inflammation. Replace regular flour with milled Kaniwa flour in your favorite baking recipes.

Even if you’re not sensitive to gluten, Kaniwa creates a compelling opportunity to bulk up the grains you eat and get out of that food rut.

Kaniwa tastes great

We like to eat foods because they taste good.  If you try Kaniwa, it will become one of your favorite side dishes for many different meals.  With a delicious nutty flavor, this food is slightly sweeter in taste than quinoa (it’s also a little easier to prepare).  It will brighten up your plate with its multi-colored dark red and brown seeds.

Theyougert_chicken Zing Meals chefs have paired Kaniwa grains, tabbouleh-style, with yogurt marinated organic chicken and sautéed yam tips, but this side works well with many foods to create desirable dishes you your friends and family will love to eat.

Make Kaniwa a super sidekick to your next meal and boost your health, expand your grain options and taste a great meal.



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