About Zing Meals:  Our Story

We, the co-founders of Zing Meals (“Zingers”), are self-proclaimed ‘foodies’ and fitness fanatics who want to make healthy food easy. Carrying a strong passion about cooking, working out, travelling and socializing with friends and family, the Zingers appreciate food is an integral part of life – and should be prepared, savored and enjoyed with love. Zing Meals understands people want nutritious and delicious meals for themselves and their families, but they don’t always have time to make it happen. Thus, the Zing vision was created: Gourmet, Healthy Prepared Meals – Delivered Fresh to your door.


Elizabeth Girouard, co-founder



Elizabeth is a Holistic Health Coach who has learned from experience that “Food is Medicine”. PureSimpleWellness.com. By changing her diet and lifestyle, her health symptoms subsided and she has boundless energy each day.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help clients feel great at any age! Elizabeth helps them alleviate annoying symptoms like fatigue, headaches, brain fog, gas, bloating, constipation, skin irritations and more. She studies the latest dietary theories, knows the new super foods and understands the gut/brain connection. She works closely with William and Chef Crenshaw to incorporate this information into the Zing Meals creations.

Zing Meals Vaughn Crenshaw



Vaughn’s introduction into the world of cooking began at the age of nine while watching Emeril Lagasse. He realized then that cooking would become his “meal ticket” out of the inner city of Paterson, NJ.

By moving to Hackensack NJ, the change in zip code not only provided a better quality of life; it sewed a seed of promise and potential nurtured by his loving family, teachers, and mentors. He received his culinary training from Johnson & Wales University and has a bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management. Vaughn is an award winning chef and has been featured on Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay. He works closely with Elizabeth and William to create ama-ZING gourmet, culinary masterpieces for Zing Meals.